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Company Profile
www.astroblessings.com is a product of astroblessings International Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in Year 2008 and conducting its activities from Jaipur, India. The main driving force behind all astrological activities is Celebrity astrologer Pt. Satish Sharma. Astroblessings International Pvt. Ltd. (ABIPL) is working in the field of astrology services, vastu services, corporate consultancy, education, publication and content writing for digital media and major telco’s. Company is ISO certified and most of his contents and publications have trademarks and copyrights.

Founder’s  Profile
Pt. Satish Sharma is chief editor of Astrology Hindi print magazine Jyotish Manthan and e-magazine Jyotish Manthan. This magazine is published since 1999 and popular in astrology world. He is president, International Vastu Academy, which provides vastu education in the form of regular classes as well as correspondence education along with field training. This is a unique feature of this correspondence/ online course. Pt. Sharma is National Vice President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences founded by Dr. B.V. Raman. This organization is now number one astrology organization of the world. It has approximately 50 training centers in India conducting regular astrology classes. E-Chapter of this organization is run in the name of www.jyoitishpraveen.com conducting Jyotish Praveen online/correspondence course of astrology under the supervision of Pt. Satish Sharma. Pt. Satish Sharma has written a wonderful book on Vastu namely “Vastu Vidhya”.
Pt. Sharma has received a number of awards in the field of Astrology Vastu and other social services. These include “Vastu Ratna” by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, “Viswakarma Award” by Raman and Rajeshwari Foundation Banglore, “Jyotish Bhanu”  by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, “Life Time Achievement Award” by Human care charitable trust Delhi and more than 50 other awards by several organizations.
His clients include number of multinational companies, domestic big houses, top politicians and film actors. He is much known for guarantee increase in turnover of the big companies, sometimes up to thousands of cores with the help of Vedic Tools.
He is referred to amongst the best orators in the field of Astrology and Vastu. He is involved in training and canvassing astrology in the general masses through his magazine Jyotish Manthan, research articles, slide shows, and audio visual presentations, which exceeds 50 thousands in number.

This website is doing internet astrology business catering true astrology to its visitors with the help of competent team of astrologers at headquarters along with tie-ups with ranking astrologers from all over. On this website we will find astrology e-magazine, articles, courses and every such thing which is part of astrology. Personalized and free services are part of your daily life and once you visit, you may like to be on this website even for your daily astrological requirements. Treasure of articles is available on in English and Hindi versions of this website.
Telecom Business
Astroblessings has been involved in providing astrology to big telecom companies. Apart from content writing, it has been supplying IVR and video contents to telco’s and other digital media.


A classical magazine for astrology having image of purest and honest publication and is far away from commercialization.



Corporate Consultancy
Jyotish Manthan
International Vastu Academy
Jyotish Praveen
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