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Few basic Natal principles for fixing the time of Marriage

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Few basic Natal principles for fixing the time of Marriage

A. The timing of marriage is a complex matter and is of great interest for one and all. The following are the houses involved for the study of this subject:

  1. a) First House :- Relates to physical comforts of the native.
  2. b) Second House :- Kutumbha Sthana deals with family and its members.
  3. c) Fourth House :- Deals with comforts of a house where one lives.
  4. d) Fifth House :- Deals with progeny i.e., the natural outcome of marriage.
  5. e) Seventh House :- Deals with appearance, attitude of the spouse and Multiple marriages.
  6. f) Eighth House :- Deals with longevity of the native.
  7. g)Twelfth House :- Deals with bed comforts.
  8. h) Analyse Navamsa and Saptamasha charts.
The above houses and their lords should be analyzed. In addition Moon lagna and marriage karaka, Venus, should also be examined.

B. Broad Vimshottari Dasha Principles involved:- After the natal analysis of the horoscope, the vimshottari dasa sequence of the native has to be analysed. Appropriate Maha Dasa and Antar Dasa sequence may be identified w.r.t. the date of birth of the native. The lords of the houses mentioned above and the planets associated with the houses will have the potency to cause the marriage .The natural Vivaha karaka (Venus) in its Dasa can give the spouse. Deva Guru (Jupiter) has to bless the happiness of wife and children. Celestial Queen (Moon) in its Dasha can also blesses the marriage.

C. Broad Transit principles

I. Saturn :- It is the natural timer of any event. Saturn in transit should establish PAC with lagna; 7th House or its lords chandra lagna and its seventh house! its lord! from surya lagna in certain cases. It clears marriage in two and halt years period.

II. Jupiter :- Deva Guru has to bless the event during its transit the Lagna and 7th house/ its lords or from chandra lagna and its 7th house and its lords within one year of the event. The above goes under the concept of Double transit.

D. Annual horoscope
Then analyse appropriate two or three yearly charts for close timing of marriage.

E. Importance of Muhurta
Besides the above an auspicious Muhurta for marriage ceremony may be elected which will enhance the longevity of the marriage. The following are few combinations.

F. Concept of Mangala Dosha (Kuja Dosha)
Venus is the karaka for marriage. Mars is the karaka for power (fire). Both these planets have a significant role in marital life of an individual. A bad position! association of Mars in a horoscope is known as mangala Dosha.


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