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This is the perfect place for study room of your child according to vastu

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This is the perfect place for study room of your child according to vastu

Sometimes we find that a child is talented but cannot concentrate. He desires to study but cannot devote time to his studies. Moreover, the result of a child sometimes may not be in accordance to his abilities and talent. Remedy to this problem is definitely in Vastu. According to the Vedic texts, the most appropriate direction for studies is ‘West’. The point next to the center of West direction towards the South, is best for this purpose. For better results, this should be chosen for the bedroom  of the kids. The head should be in South and legs in North while sleeping. It has been proved that to gain technical knowledge and for extraordinary results Southeast or ‘Agni’ corner could be decisive. Even limited hours of study in this corner provides extra energy and zeal to the child and he comes out in flying colors as compared  to others. Although middle of South is advisable for the head of the family yet in case of lack of concentration or sleeplessness a student can use this direction for limited hours.
The students of technical stream should have their heads in South and legs in North while they sleep. The vice-versa situation  could be fatal for life. If the head is in east it is beneficial for knowledge, in south it enhances prosperity, in West it results to tensions and in North it results to loss and death. In one’s own house one can sleep with his head in east, in father’s-in-law house it could be South, in foreign countries it should be West but in no case it should be North. It is interesting to note that West is advisable during foreign tour as it would not lead to sound sleep-promising safety. Students can follow this rule during examinations.
The study room in the ‘Vayavya’ i.e North West may lead to lack of concentration. In this case child will roam about and would seek for new friends. Parents need to monitor their child’s company but should permit him to be in the company of good students.
While studying one should preferably face towards North or East.
In case of lack of concentration in students seeking higher education, they should be gifted with a pocket transistor or be made to see some news channel on television. Study and sleep are prohibited in ‘Brahma Sthan’. It is advisable to shift to ‘Agni’ corner or South before a week of examination. ‘Nairitya’ corner is suggested to only very decent and obedient child as this corner could lead to stubborn attitude of the child.
One should not sleep in ‘Agni’ corner and only few hours should be spend. Education with some apparatus is also advisable in this corner. Moreover, counseling studies are fruitful in this corner. For other cases West direction is the best.


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