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Rahasya Siddhi

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Rahasya Siddhi

Rajyogas have been defined in various texts in a different manner. This article has some of the Rajyogas from Mansagri.

If in birth horoscope, prashna horoscope, marriage, traveling etc., the Ascendent lord is strong and is situated in lagna, trine or quadrant then it is highly auspicious. According to Garg Rishi Venus in 11th house, quadrant, times or third to the moon sign confers knowledge and the native attains fame. Tenth lord or fourth lord in quadrant, similarly seventh lord in second blesses the person with ample wealth.

Presence of even a single planet in quadrant or time is highly unauspicious. Diseases are curbed and longetivity is ensured. If moon is aspected by sun then this is a ‘Rajyoga’. If in the natal chart of a female moon occupies a quadrant then she is good looking, blessed with good progeny and leads a prosperous life. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in quadrant and Mars in tenth house makes a strong ‘Rajyoga’. Such a native brings good name to the family and society. If moon is in quadrant or trine to Mercury then the native stays near sea and it blessed with all luxuries. Jupiter in quadrant is sufficient to ensure happiness. Jupiter gives same result in trines also, Venus in quadrant makes native popular in opposite sex, benevolent, prosperous and blesses longetivity. Saturn in tenth house makes one courageous, judicious, rich and land owner. Saturn in Libra, Sagittarius and pisces in the ascendant ensures birth in a royal family.



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