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Twelfth House of horoscope Lest, But not the Least.

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Twelfth  House of horoscope  Lest, But not the Least.

The key point of a horoscope is 1st house or ascendant. Obviously, the horoscope starts from the ascendant and ends with the twelfth house. This is the reason the ascendant has got the status of primus inter pares among all Bhavas and the Twelfth House i.e. Vyaya Bhava stands at the last number in the queue. But, is this a right treatment?

    Before going into the deeper aspects of the issue, let me recapitulate an important incident of Shree Bhagwat. The king Kansa, Devaki’s brother, had ascended the throne by imprisoning his father, King Ugrasena. Afraid of a prophecy that predicted his death at the hands of his sister Devaki’s eighth son; he decided that he will kill her eighth son, when and where it takes birth. But, the great sage Narada, the Mercury incarnate, clarified to the Kansa that out of total eight issues of the Devaki, any issue may be considered as eights issue. All depends, from which issue you are starting the counting process. If you start the counting from Third, then second will be the eighth issue; if you start from fifth, the fourth will be the eighth issue. Hence, it is nothing but a misnomer to call a particular issue first and another something else. The Kansa understood Narada’s signal, reading the writing on the wall. It is other part of the story that he could not escape the writing in his Destiny/Horoscope.

    What is the morale of the story for learners of astrology like us? Never underestimate any house. Any house may be first and any may be last, all depends, from which house, you have started counting. Otherwise also, a Horoscope is not a linear system, but a circular one; hence, in view of this also it is wrong to say any house first or last. Here is an effort to grant justice to the so called ``Vyaya Bhava’’ of our horoscope, which has been getting summary treatment, even in our classes.

    As per classical or traditional view, the twelfth house shows loss and impediments, restraint and limitations, waste and extravagance, expenses out weighting income, drudgery and deception. But, time and again, it has been proved that no house is evil or unfortunate, unless afflicted and this is true of the twelfth house also. Each house sway over certain distinct affairs and when it is afflicted, one cannot expect matters signified by it to manifest fully. Such contrary results will be experienced only when the native runs the period or sub period of the planet afflicting the house under consideration and not otherwise. When the period or sub period of the planet, which is beneficially connected to the house under consideration follows, there is bound to be fortification of the positive matters denoted by that house.

    Actually, it depends on one’s perception, how do you perceive a glass, half filled or half empty. Yes, this house connotes losses, expenses; but in the same breath it rules over investments, purchases, donations. For example, one may invest in costly jewels, if the planet connected has anything to do with the second house, or incur expenses in connection with short journeys or writings and publication, if third house is connected. He may invest his money on landed or immovable property or go in for a vehicle, when the fourth house will be connected.

- Shri K.K. Baranwal, Faculty Member ICAS


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