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Kitchen in north-west is against Harmony

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Kitchen in north-west is against Harmony

These days some vastu experts are suggesting north-west direction as the place for kitchen as an alternative. This advice is provided for the reason, if there is no space available in the south-east for kitchen. The argument is that element of fire is very close to and friendly to element of air. Here we are suggesting the theoretical lapse in this advice.  

  1. Past Karmas are best manifested in the south-east direction as deities in the south-east of the Vastu Chakra are relating to sun and god of fire. A few If you of dwadash aditiya’s are situated in this zone and they receive offering from this zone. Agnihotra is suggested best in this angle.
  2. Deities of the south-east zone never shift to north-west zone.
  3. Deities in the north-west direction tend to dilute everything in this zone. It applies to living beings as well as non-living.
  4. Personality of the native in this zone is subjected to disintegration and humiliation.
  5. Aura of the native working in north-west is disturbed and the person concerned develops rebel reveal tendencies.
  6. A person working here develops desires to go out of the home.
  7. He thinks for an outside establishment. This is applicable for daughter-in-law, son, employee or a servant. This is the worst place for an owner. Servant working here become demanding very often.
If you don’t welcome this article God only can bless you.

- Pt. Satish Sharma, Chief Editor, Jyotish Manthan


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