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Cycle of Moon

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Cycle of Moon

Meton discovered in 433BC that in every 19 years there are 235 lunation`s i.e. 365X19=6939.75 days in 19 years  and 29.5305887X235 = 6939.688 days in 235 lunar months. It shows that all the phases of Moon will occur again on the same days of the month as 19 years ago, the only difference being that they will occur about one hour earlier. It is called me-tonic cycle.

It gives a readymade meth9od of predicting dates of purnima, amavasya etc. without much calculations. Study of ancient Hindu astronomy shows that Metonic cycle was known to our rishis and they added 7 adhik or extra lunar months in 19 solar years to produce an exact correspondence in solar years and lunar years (year of 12 lunar months).

V.P. Jain, 14-05-2016


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