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Astrology Important role play in Vastu

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Astrology Important role play in Vastu

Astrology and Vastu are supplementary to each other. Vastu consultancy should not be given without appropriate knowledge of Astrology. Astrology decides various aspects as ‘Muhurt’, selection of land, planetary positions etc. Vastu cannot be implemented without these rituals. It is surprising but true that even before woodwork, demons and evil spirits are pacified through astrology.

Selection of land is made on the basis of Zodiac of the person and the village. For example if the zodiac of land and the person is same or if it falls to be fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh then it is considered fruitful. There are some prohibitions as persons of Scorpio zodiac sign should not construct his house in ‘east’ direction, Pisceans should not  construct their house in ‘Agni Corner, Virgo’ should avoid south, cancerians ‘Nairatya’, Sagittarians West, Librans should avoid ‘Vayarva’ Arians north, Aquarians not in Ishaan. Similary Taurians, Geminis, Capricorn and Leo should not reside in the centre of village or city.

Many Indian texts state information of land on the basis of horoscope. The first uttered letter helps in the decision of the nakshatra. The direction of that nakshatra gives further information. It has been described in texts as ‘Vishwakarma Prakash’ ‘Vastu Raj Vallabh’ and ‘Kerli Prashan’. It is surprising but true that the first uttered letter is the first hindi alpabet i.e. ‘Aa’ then in acute east one could find a human bone which could cause disastrous results for the head of the family. There is an explanation for every alphabet. Many remedies have been suggested to remove such impurities of land.

Position of sun in a particular zodiac sign decides the place to initiate the digging. Presence of cow, girl, married lady, brahmin etc. is considered as a good sign.

There is a simple mathematical calculation to find out the position on ‘Vaasa’ of Vastu Purush. The date is multiplied by 2 to which is added the digit of the name of the person. To this figure is added 8 and then divided by 3. If the remainder in 1 the Vastu Purush is in heaven, which given profit, if it is 2 the vaasu is in pluton which gives prosperity and if it is 0 (zero) then the Vastu Purush is on land which results to death.

As the horoscopes are matched before marriage to ensure the favourable position of the planets. Similarly the planets of the owner and the land should be amiable.

The construction on the land should start in a char lagna. Sthir lagnas are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius which are most suitable for entering a new house. But, dual zodiac signs i.e. Gemini, Virgo, Saggitarius and Pisces are not suitable for this purpose. This proves that vastu and jyotish go hand in hand.

- Jyotish Manthan, 16/08/2016


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