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Mythological story of Mars.

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Mythological story of Mars.

Lord Vishnu, as an incarnation of Boar (Varaha Avatar), saved the Earth from drowning and brought it back and placed in its natural orbit. Mother Earth was so pleased and asked a boon from lord Vishnu to give a child. Lord Vishnu accepted the request and Mars was the result.

There is one more interesting story about Mars. Lord Shiva, after death of wife Sati, went into Samadhi to overcome agitated mind. After a long Tapasya (Penance), he came out of Samadhi and a divine sweat fell on the Earth. This become a beautiful child whose name of is Mars. Lord Shiva blessed the child and granted all powers to him. In astrology.

Mars represents Earth, house, shelters, power, quickness and self-confidence. It signifies man and woman relationship in a horoscope. He is the celestial commander.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 14/04/2017


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