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Mars Vice is harmful.

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Mars Vice is harmful.

Refutation – In astrological texts, there is a psalm that indicates if Mars is placed in the ascendant, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house or 12th house and in 2nd house (according to South Indian texts) it results in Vaidhavya Dosh (the spouse passes away early).

Two contrary things cannot go true together, if in any horoscope, longevity is indicated he cannot depart early. The text state if the Mars is placed as above mentioned in any horoscope the spouse will depart early. If there is longevity in the horoscope, this incident will never come true. In more than 50% horoscope this perversion is present. Still the texts have also described many rebuttals and exclusions to this conjunction.

This further decreases the percentage of this flaw.

This flaw does not always confers the death of the spouse, but there are many such distress that can be equivalent to death. But this is also common during any Mahadasha/Antardasha period. It seems as if this perversion has been defamed a lot and many astrologers announce this perversion without thoroughly studying it and many times it just become another means of exploiting people of money.

Does this perversion automatically eventuate after the age of 28?
No, this is not true. This is another perplex assumption prevailing among the masses. The position of Mars in a horoscope cannot be changed. The instinctive characteristics of Mars will keep manifesting itself throughout the life. The result may be auspicious as well as somewhat inauspicious. But saying that the planet eventuates its strength after the age of 28 is absolutely wrong.

Success and Mars perversion
In experience we have noticed, the native influenced by the said Mars perversion in their horoscope are seen to be achieving extraordinary success. Such people are seen to be more energetic, face the problems with courage and move on. They are seen to be revolutionaries and have research bent of mind. They succeed because they take initiatives. There are numerous example of these kind of people. Amir Khan and Aishwarya Rai are among these.

Marriage with Pipal tree, Shri Vishnu or the Pitcher
The girl having this perversion is married to the Pipal tree, the pitcher or the effigy of Shri Vishnu. Had the perversion related to death of the spouse been so the tree would have died, but this does not happen in most cases. This perversion is mentioned in texts but the green horns of astrology are defaming it just to exploit people of money. If the girl is married to a pipal tree, all such trees would have been dead by now.
Truth is that the texts that talk about this perversion have also mentioned its disclaimers as well. More than half of the horoscopes of the world possess this perversion. Every bride and groom shall get appropriate life partner. There is no need to be scared of.

Pt. Satish Sharma, 20/07/2017
Chief Editor, Jyotish Manthan


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