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Principle of Runanubandham

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Principle of Runanubandham

Human bondage with reincarnation
This is a very interesting concept. Based on Astrology, one can link relations of present birth, past birth and future births of a native. For example, in a family, parents and their off- springs will have a clear linkage. It means, based on the past karmas, one will be destined to take birth in a particular family. In Astrology it is believed that the child’s future, up to first four years will depend upon mother and next four years ie., up to eight years depend upon the father and next four years ie., upto twelve years depend upon one’s own karma. Our Puranas establish this fact very clearly.

For example:
  • Lord Rama was born to King Dasaratha and has become karaka for the death of his father Dasaratha.
  • Lord Krishna was born in a prison and has been separated from his mother and has become karaka for the death of his maternal uncle.
  • Prophet Mohamed lost his mother at a very early age.
  • Mrs. Indira Gandhi lost her younger child (Sanjay Gandhi) at a very early age.
If one studies all these horoscopes, one can establish clear linkages what one calls in Karma theory as Runanubandham. This is the fate or destiny which cannot be changed. This way, we have thousands and millions of horoscopes to establish the concept of Runanubandham.


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