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The Assembly Hall of Indra.

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The Assembly Hall of Indra.

The name of Indra`s Assembly Hall is `Sudharma`. It is constructed by Vishwakarma. According to Mahabharata its length and breadth is 150 Yojana and 100 Yojana respectively. According to ancient calculations, 1 Yojana = 4 Kosa, 1 Kosa = 2 miles and 1 mile is little more than 1.5kms. People residing in this assembly hall are free of senility, mourning or fatigue. He is also free of temporal menaces. Shachi, the daughter of the king od demons – Puloma, also sits here with her husband Indra. Indra`s highly luxurious throne is also in this hall.

Various deities, divine sages, Vidyadharas, nymphs, Siddhas, Marud-ganas, Maharishis, Rajrishis and those kings who have earned the eligibility to sit in the hall sit here beautifully ornated and worship Indra. In the hall, divine drugs, Shraddha (devotion), Medha (intellect), Saraswati (muse), Dhrama (duty), Artha (wherewithall), Kaam (desires), Vidyut (electricity), Megha (clouds), Vaayu (wind), Prachi disha (East direction), 27 Agni (27 forms of fire), Sadhya (proposition), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Vishwavasu, Chitrasen, Various Yagyas (oblations), Dakshina (Guerdon), Grihas (planets), Taras (luminary), and Psalms for Yagya etc also sit here.

It is an extremely delightful spot of the Paradise of Indra and if Indra`s part in sacrifice or his hieratic decrease or his strength decreases due to some sinful act then he may also be dismissed from his post. Many demons have done it and occupied Indra`s throne. King Nahusha is one such example in which not only he occupied the throne of Indra but also desired to marry Sachi, the wife of Indra. Shachi took refuge at the hermitage of sage Brihaspati (Jupiter) but when Nahusha compelled her she solicited for some time. In the meanwhile on the advice of Indra who was also hiding somewhere she asked Nahusha if he arrives on a prodigious vehicle she can gie her consent to marry him. Nahusha, fraught with vanity, rode on the sages and he even scourged the sage Agastya. At the latter scornfully cursed the former to become a serpent, thus he got deposed of his throne. Many other legends are also found in the texts.

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