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Planet These Days Affecting You & World

Rebelling six retrograde planets -  In an extra ordinary astronomical phenomenon, six out of nine planets which are considered in Vedic Astrology, are retrograde for the past few days resulting into world wide series of unexpected events. American bombardment and Russian resentment could be seen in the light of this planetary situation.

Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus became retrograde leaving aside Mars, otherwise this would have resulted into a World War. Sun and Moon are never retrograde in motion.

Venus will be in direct motion with effect from 15th April onwards, still Jupiter and Saturn retrogression combo for more then two months will leave no stone unturned in creating a World War situation and probably two or three more countries may involve themselves in blood shed or massacre or violent incidents proving the powerful entity of planets exhibiting the punishment mode of the deities.

Mercury is likely to remain retrograde up to 3rd of May 2017 affecting financial matters world wide. India can also witness great economic decisions during the period Saturn,. Jupiter and Mercury are retrograde together up to 3rd of May.
But the story does finish here. Jupiter and Saturn remain retrograde up to 9th of June. On 9th June Jupiter becomes in direct motion but Saturn has still a lot to rectify the mistakes by human beings and during the retrogression it comes back to Scorpio on 21st June becomes direct in motion on 25 August and comes back to Sagittarius in the last week of October.

This unprecedented behavior of Saturn is supposed to punish all those who are categorized in the Mlechha ( eysPN) category. We need not to mention the name of countries who falls under this category.

We are equally concerned with the domestic affairs also. As far as retrogression of Mercury is concerned, we already know the economy reforms in a series by Narendra Modi government and subsequent actions by Yogi government. Jupiter and Saturn retrogression combo look stubborn to create historical events India wide and abroad. The affect of these planets are likely to continue for a longer time.

My article does not want to create a terror but retrogression of so many planets together is an astronomical fact and not an imagination and result are already told by Varaha Mihir like astrological giants.

Pt. Satish Sharma
Chief Editor
Jyotish Manthan Magazine


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