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Balgangadhar Tilak Horoscope,


Balgangadhar Tilak Horoscope,

THE first fortnight of September 1988 made me remember Bal Gangadhar Tilak for two reasons : (a) stir caused by the Defamation Bill; and (b) Genesh thaturthi celebrations. Tilak is remembered also for reviving the memory of Shivaji the Great.

Tilak, a born fighter, suffered a lot for the country, its ideal ‘’Swaraj is my birth right’’ and his fearless actions in the last five years of the last century and the first twenty years of this century made him the untwined king of Indian hearts of those days. No Geeta lover can ignore his Geetha Rahasya; no historian his trctic home of the Vedas, and one interested in astronomical history and its principles, Orion.

Let us trace Tilak’s revolutionary life. Tilak was born in the house of a Marathi teacher of the Education Department, Gangadhar Pant. He intered Ratnagiri School in 1861 and later moved to loona. In 1872, 16 year old Tilak lost his father. He was married before he completed his higher secondary education. He enrolled in Deccan College, Poona, in 1873, passed B.A. in Maths and Sanskrit in 1876, and lassed LL.B. in 1879.

Born on 23.07.1856 at 6.59 a.m. at Pune with a balance of 15 years, 6 month and 14 days of Mercury basa.

As a Teacher and Editor :
Chiplunkar, Agarkar and Tilak met in September 1879 and opened the New English Schol on 2nd January 1880 living on a salary of Rs. 30 to Rs. 35. The Mahratta was started by Tilak and Agarkar on 2.1.1881 and the Kesari on 4.1.1881 in Venus-Venus-******* Navamsa it is in the 10th. In Dasamsa as 2nd and 9th lord, Venus is posited in the 10th. Jupiter, 9th and 6th lord is in 9th  in Rasi, but afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. In Navamsa, Jupiter is in own Navamsa, Sagittarius in the 6th Navamsa. In Dasamsa, Jupiter is in the 8th with 2nd lord Moon. But note he is in the 11th from Dasa and Antardasa lord Venus. It is to be noted again that when New English School was started, it was Venus-Venus-Moon and the Mon is also in the 11th from Venus in Dasamsa.

Election to Bombay Legislative Council :

His endeavours to protect national industry led him to the victory in the new elections in Bombay to the Legislative Council early in 1895, in Venus-Mercury-Mercury in all probability, as the date is not known; between 7th February and 19th March 1895. Why ? In Navamsa Venus *********** elections is in the 10th along with 9th lord Sun and Ketu while Mercury is the 7th and 10th lord placed in the 5th. In Dasamsa, Mercury is Lagna lord and 10th lord place in the 9th and aspected by 9th lord Saturn, while Venus is placed in 10th.

Sarvajanik Sabha :

On 14.07.1895, he became an undisputed leader the Sabha, when radicals gained majority over most erates including Ranade and Gokhale in Venus-Mercury-Ketu. Ketu is in Rasi, lord of Sampat Tara and as such he was supposed to get strength and fame from Chandra, it is in the 7th aspected by a kendrate well as kona lord. In Navamsa, it is with the 9th lord Sun and Venus, 6th and 11th lord. In Dasamsa, Ketu is in the 5th with Lagnal lord Mercury and aspected by Saturn, 5th and 6th lord.

Death :
Tilak died on 1st August 1920. He was passing through Mars-Venus-Rahu. Nakshatra would be Swati 4th pada. See Rahu was the lord of Swati, and importance of Pratyantara. See also Venus is Vipa Tara lord and Rahu Nidhana Tara lord. In Rasi Man is in 4th, Venus in Lagna and Rahu in 9th. In Navamsa Mar is in 12th, so unhelpful from worldly angle Venus is 6th and 11th lord. Rahu in 4th aspecting 10th house, 9th lord and Venus representing Bhoga. In Dasamsa, Mars is in 3rd, lord of 3rd and 8th, aspecting 9th lord Venus in 10th. Venus is in 10th and Rahu is 11th is afflicting Dasamsa Lagna lord Mercury in 5th. In transit, Saturn was in Leo aspecting 4th, 8th and 11th. Jupiter entered Leo on 25th July 1920 aspecting the 8th. See Sun, Mercury and Venus were in Cancer and the Moon was in Aquarius.


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