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Brahamacharini Navratra


Brahamacharini Navratra
Second form of Sri Durga is Sri Brahamcharini. Here Brahamcharini means tapashcharini. She devoted rigor to get Lord Shiva as her Husband. Therefore she is famous as Tapashcharini and Brahamcharini. She has beaded Japamala in right hand and Kamandal in left hand. She is worshiped on the second day of Navratri.

This day worshiper should focus on his Svadhistan Chakra. By worshiping this Devi one will get powers by enlightening Svadhistan Chakra. Sri Brahamcharini gives her followers infinite fruits. By worshiping her one gets Tapa, sacrifice, aloofness, good behavior and tolerance. He will not get anxious even in very difficult times of his life. She gives him influence and victory everywhere. This Devi meditated for thousands of years and ate even dry Bilvaptaras, that’s why her name is Aparna also. She motivated for difficult struggle.


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