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Centre of criticism due to demonetization of 1000 & 500 currency notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing his task with a great confidence. After sworn in, his decisions are likely to be a part of history. No other could do this, what Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing. Forming a central government with overwhelming majority is a commendable work, but more difficult is to involve the whole country in such a pious work. Some are criticizing, but public opinion and inclination of youth appears to have shifted towards Narendra Modi. As far as  I understand, the Indian mandate may or may not favour Bhartiya Janta Party, but youth certainly favours Narendra Modi. Only opposition parties and few business men with vested interests are crying against demonetization.

Political Predictions – Narendra Modi
December 27, 2016 to March 14, 2017 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will get success in the matter of demonetization. Some will keep on opposing, but success and fame are bound to come to PM Modi.

March 14, 2017 to April 17, 2017 : Narendra will be full of regained confidence. He will be given credit for his work simultaneously with criticism. He will show his courage once again for a new Venture. During budget session of parliament, he will be found a little wrathful. He will not disclose his strategy in public, but may be on a route for a major decision.

April 17, 2017 to July 13, 2017 : Prime minster will remain worried owing to activities of his own cabinet minister. He will have to be very cautious from the hidden conspiracy of one of his important ministers. Such conspiracy will be partly successful but it will be exposed after July 2016 due to Jupiter being transiting through Virgo & his running sub period of Jupiter. He may undergo a classic surgery of this conspiracy.

Saturn & Jupiter are likely to remain retrograde together for sufficient number of days in mid of 2017, as a result prime minister Modi will be able to make some very important announcements from the wall of Red fort Delhi on 15th August, 2017. This would be rated like a new revolution. He will be passing though a decisive period of his life and his fame is likely to spread vertical after this period. His main focus would be development of infrastructure and lot of jobs will be created in due course of time.

From in and out of his party allegations of dictatorship will be labelled against him. But, at the same time, hi will be very popular and opposition parties will feel themselves helpless.

In the coming months, good central budget and availability of currency would make the public life easy and good results are expected. Simultaneously, central government will focus on foreign trade and domestic business houses will focus on defense products.

The last quarter of year 2017 will be full of achievements for the Modi government. Relations with US government would strengthen, but there will be a cold war like situation with China. During this period, India and U.S. will work jointly for their defence strategy and cooperation between the two would reach to a new height.

P.M. Narendra Modi is passing through very important sub periods of Moon Mahadasa. Saturn sub period will continue up to end of September 2016. His natal Saturn is in 10th house, which is famous for suicidal political acts amongst the top ranking rulers. But this time, since Saturn sub period will continue only up to September 2017, transit of Saturn from the second house of his ascendant will make him more popular. In the end part of Sadhesaati of saturn, Narendra Modi may get a chance for his success and life.

- Pt. Satish Sharma, 28-12-2016
Chief Editor, Jyotish Manthan
Published on January - 2017 Issue


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