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Jyotish Mahakumbh Dehradun 2017


Jyotish Mahakumbh Dehradun 2017
It was a wonderful Jyotish Mahakumbh Organized on 14 and 15 may by Amar Ujala Dehradun consequently 2nd year. Shri A K Dubey padmesh from Kanpur and PPS rana from dehradun worked behind the scenery to make it successful. Of course this venture was a brain child of Amar Ujala chief editor Shri Harish Chandra Singh,whose dynamic guidance attracted every one to the celebration sites,first day to Grafic era university,one of the main sponsorers,and second day to saffron leaf hotel ,the another main sponsorer Governor of Uttarakhand inaugurated the event on first day ,while chief minister was present on the second day to distribute the awards. MR kaushik, Mr pant, Mr Rawat and Satpal Maharaj were other ministers to grace the occasion.

It was a grand celebration for every one,but the public attraction was a free consultation by celebrity astrologers on first day. I had to sit for long hours up to late night on 14 th may,due to which i could attend a work shop on medical astrology that evening,but enjoyed a great sense of charity in meeting needy people,who came from remote areas. A few Muslims and a saint also were amongst the line makers.

I could en-cash the event fully when I chartered a he-copter for Badrinath ji and Kedar Nath ji on 17th may, Me and my wife Padma Sharma could not land owing to heavy fog,but second day we succeeded in visiting both the places. I.G. police Shri Deepam Seth, his wife and son also helped me in the entire journey and darshan.

on the second day,the moment we touched back Dehradun in the after noon,I heard the news of a land slide in Badrinath ji.

here is a photo where I am requesting Chief Minister Uttarakhand to come to Jaipur to grace my function on 25th June 2017. I am sharing the stage with Governor of Uttarakhand along with other ministers and celebrity astrologers.

- Pt. Satish Sharma, 24-05-2017


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