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Devi Katyayani - 6th day of Navratra.


Devi Katyayani - 6th day of Navratra.
Dharma-wealth, attraction and Moksha giving goddess Durga’sSixth Form is Sri Katyayani. She took birth in Katya Gotra at Maharishi Katyayan’s house, after being pleased by his rigor. That is why she is called Katyayani. She is worshiped on 6th day of Navratri. One should focus on Agya Chakra and worship her. One will get powers related to enlightenment of Agya Chakra. By worshiping her one will get all the four, Dharma, wealth, Kaama and Moksha. Even residing in this world he will get eternal powers and influence. His pains, diseases, fears etc. all go away.

She is the ruler of BrajMandal. Gopis of Brijworshopped her at the banks of river kalindi to achieve Krishna. She appeared first at Vaidyanath and she has 4 hands. Right upper hand is in non-fearing form, right lower hand in blessing form, a sword in upper left hand and a lotus on lower left hand. She rides on lion.


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