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Forth Navratra Kushmanda


Forth Navratra Kushmanda
Sri Durga’s fourth form is Sri Kushmanda. She is known as Kushmandadevifor producing Universe by Laughing (EeshatHaasya). She is worshiped on 4rth day of Navratri.  One should focus on Anahat Chakra and worship this Goddess. Powers related to Anahat Chakra are showered on its worshipper. By worshiping this goddess every disease and pains go away. By her blessings one’s age, fame, power, and innunity increases.

              Maa Kushmanda is very easy to please. If a person follows her with a pure and true heart then he will achieve utmost bliss very easily. She has 8 hands, and has Kamandal, bow and arrow, lotus, elixir pot, Chakra and Gada in her hands. And a beaded Jap Mala giving powers and treasure in eighth hand. She is offered pumpkin in Yadjya. She is infinite Power and only she can reside in Suryalok (near Sun). She resides in every power of universe, she takes away pains and sufferings and she is easy to please.


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