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Confusion - Rahu is a malefic planet.


Confusion - Rahu is a malefic planet.
Rahu is a shadow planet without any physical existence and according to Pauranic tales he is immortal and authorized to be present in the assembly of Brahma and is also capable of blessing a person with boon or curse. In all the rituals, the house of 9 planets is also established Shri Ganeshji, Varuna ji, 5 deities and 16 mothers. Whatever is offered is offered equally to all the planets. According to astrology, sometimes the Sun and he Jupiter also confer unfavorable results when they become the lord of inauspicious houses, similar results can also be conferred by the other planets as well. When Rahu bestows his bliss, he confers enormous wealth and prosperity during his period.

In astrological texts, Rahu has been related to the serpent. The serpent or helical motion is code-language. The serpent is revered both in Vaishnava and Shaiva traditions. It is surprising to know that there was a time when there were grave differences between these two sects. For this reason Tulsidas had to say – सिव द्रोही मां दास कहावा। सो नर मोहि सपनेहूँ नहि पावा॥ Many times Rahu has been accepted an epitome of hallucination. The gist of various philosophical ruminations is that the hallucination used by Brahma in consequence of his psyche projection, is related to Rahu. All the particles of the world from an electron to the huge solar systems converted their paths from cricoid to elliptical and their deviation in their respective orbits is like a helical motion.

Many prime ministers and people obtaining large fortunes were able to achieve success during the period of Rahu. Nowadays, politics has become so much complicated that conspiracies, craftiness, percussions and repercussions have become extremely important. These are the favorite subjects of Rahu and according to an assumption such qualities are necessary to achieve the highest quality of Rajyogas. People use these traits to obtain material success. No planet is an exception. Jupiter is the guardian of moral values but on becoming the lords of inauspicious houses, he converts the person into a malfeasant and dilapidate him. In this order, when Rahu becomes an auspicious planet, he bestows enormous prosperity. It has also been experienced that a person definitely goes to bathe in the Ganges during the period of Rahu.

The prime ministers Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi took oaths of this position during the period of Rahu. When Mr. Narendra Modi became the prime minister he was under the antardasha of Rahu in the Mahadasha of the Moon.

Thus, the assumption that Rahu is a malefic planet is unjust. When he is favorable according to astrology, he confers enormous wealth and many times he is seen to take the person in the path of rigorous excitation.

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Chief Editor, Jyotish Manthan


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