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Saturn will ruin us.


Saturn will ruin us.
Refutation – Like any other planet Saturn is also a planet and he is also allowed to enter the assembly of Brahma. He is also offered his share in Yagyas and he is also capable of granting boon or curse. He is included in the assembly of 9 planets and he is also invited with other planets during rituals.

Saturn is defamed a lot because of his Dhaiya (laghu kalyani) and Sadhe Sati. Pauranic tales mention of King Dashratha who prepared for war with Saturn to save his subjects from the upcoming famine and distress on the Shakat-bhed of Rohini (entering of Saturn in Rohini constellation) by Saturn. Saturn was very pleased at the affectionateness of King Dashratha towards his subjects and promised never to enter Rohini constellation in future.

The transit of many planets other Saturn in Rohini have also been accepted to be inauspicious. In reality it is an astronomical incident in which Saturn is automatically left out of Rohini constellation and is unable to enter it.

Saturn is a blue in color
Saturn is said to be born of the Sun and his wife Chhaya. The blue color of Saturn located in the farthest orbit from the Sun has been considered to be extremely revered in Indian texts. In Indian philosophy, the blue color has been told to be progressing towards the divine qualities. Its glimpse is depicted in the images of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.
In Vedanga astrology, the Saturn is said to be the magistrate. He provides justice for the deeds of people. The astrology texts state if the Saturn is well placed, he bestows a lot of success, land and authority during his period. On the other hand when Saturn becomes pestilent, he himself becomes the assassinator removing all other planets. For this reason he is called the significator of age.

The Seven and a half years period of purification (Saadhe Saati) of Saturn
The period seven and a half years when Saturn transits the sign preceding the Moon sign, the Moon sign and the following sign is known as Saadhe Saati (the seven and a half years purification period). Excessive eeriness is pervaded among the masses regarding Saadhe Saati. People are scared because of a lot of false assumptions. In reality, many times the fortune of many people awakes during this period. For instance, the first 2.5 years period of Saadhe Saati to a Scorpio person can be favorable, the first, second and even the third 2.5 years period of Capricorn person can be extremely favorable. For the Leos, Saadhe Saati can be favorable for more than half of its period. The first 5 years for the Taurean can be surpassing.

Some time periods during Saadhe Saati confer distress too but such can be with any other planet also. In ancient times, the sages used to wait the Saadhe Sati so that their sins get dilapidate paving the way to their emancipation.

There is no need to be scared of Saturn. During Saadhe Saati too, he is favorable in more than half of the cases. This artificial fear has been created to exploit wealth out of the people. In fact, Saturn plays an important role in conferring land, authority and prestige in the social life. His period being 19 years, the duration of success is also long.

Pt. Satish Sharma, 24/08/2017
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