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Skandhmata 5th day of navratra


Skandhmata 5th day of navratra
Fifth form of Sri Durga is Sri Skandhmata. She is the mother os Shiva’s son Skandh (Lord Kartikeya) that’s why she is known as Skandhmata. She is worshiped on 5th day of Navratri. This day one should focus on Vishudha Chakra and worship her. By worshiping her one will get all the powers related to enlightenment of Vishudha Chakra. By her blessings worshipers every wish comes true. He will experience eternal peace and happiness in this world itself. For him the doors of heaven open automatically. By worshiping this goddess, baby Lord Skandh is worshiped automatically.

This specialty is available only with this goddess, therefore one should pay utmost importance on worshiping her. In upper right hand she has Lord Skandh, lower right hand lotus, upper left hand in blessing form and lotus in left lower hand. She sits on Lotus and her color is white. She is also called Padmasana. She rides on lion. She gives Moksha and enlightens her worshipers. Kalidasa worshipped this Goddess.


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