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Vastu for business houses


Vastu for business houses
Vastu for business houses has always been a difficult task as businessman will never disclose his secrets of all the assets for various reasons. Some times he has "Benaami Properties", some times he has factory or industries in partnership with others and his partner does not like another vastu person in his partnership factory. Now a days, I always decline for such consultancy in which a client does not volunteer himself to furnish every information about his all the landed assets, that includes benaami properties and properties with de facto possession or adverse possession in legal sense.

In earlier years of my vastu consultancy for industry or vastu consultancy to any other subject, my client did not take a serious notice of my such advices. Very often most of the advices (except a few, which very too easy) had not been executed. Now, when I established myself as a Vastu Shastra Consultant, I find that most of my advices are being applied in the industry and a simple motivation does the job in a easy way.

Vastu Consultation always needs all your qualities to be displayed in an implied way. Reference of your success stories should be a part of your marketing tactic but over emphasizing your story may dilute your voice. Your seriousness and exhibiting success in a shortest manner may be more useful. Words from your mouth should not fly over his head. You ensure yourself that your every word and sentence has been honoured fully.


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