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Keeping the Yantras sold in market at home increase prosperity.


Keeping the Yantras sold in market at home increase prosperity.
Refutation – A lot of magazines sold in market sell copper plates engraved figures of deities or Yantras on it disseminating them to be Siddha Lakshmi Yantra etc. People keep these in their place of worship assuming that they would confer prosperity on them.

                Such assumptions have been dominated by marketing techniques. In reality, no such Yantra can be of any use until it is awakened by appropriate rituals. According to the text Mantra Maharnav, there is a specific technique for awakening every Yantra which can be awakened only by completing that processes. A proof is being put down here from the 11 tarang of the same text –

आदो कुर्यात्पुरश्चर्या साधक: सिद्धिहेतवे।
    पुरश्चरणहीनस्य यन्त्र: सिद्धिर्न जायते।।

The person who desires to awaken any Yantra must first of all perform its Purashcharan, because who does not do it is unable to awaken it.

लेखने यंत्रराजस्य भूरि विघ्ना भवन्ति हि।
    क्वचिच्चटपटाशब्दश्तालशब्द: क्वचिद्भवेत्।।

Many hurdles appear at the time of awakening a Yantra and fearlessness from those is obtained by constant recitation of the psalms.

It does not end here. People keep collecting different types of Yantras and keeping them in their place of worship all their life. They are even scared of throwing them away. It is extremely difficult to get rid of such assumptions. It not only reduces our concentration towards our adored deity, but also creates dissatisfaction if auspicious results are not obtained.

Thus, one should not keep any Yantra in his house without properly awakening them because such Yantras are useless.

Pt. Satish Sharma, 14-08-2017
Chief Editor, Jyotish Manthan


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