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Astronomy and Hindu Mythology.


Pt. Satish Sharma belongs to a traditional astrologer family and worked hard to implement such knowledge to make it available to general masses. Not only from elders of his lineage, he also gained this astrology & vastu knowledge from those masonry and artisans who built houses of those famous industrialists of India, who are playing an important role in Indian economy. He spent his life time in research work relating to subjects like ancient astrology, mythology, illusions and legends. This is reflected in this book very well & hence you may find such content in this book which never had been published in any of the books during the past thousands of years.
He applied his philosophical and practical vastu vision in to structures owned by international & domestic business houses and succeded in getting a surprising success.
His clientage is spread over most of the continents and almost every country. With the help of his advice some business houses were able to grow their business turn over by thousands of crores of rupees. Today, His research work in the field of vastu shastra are unparallel & widely accepted. Pt. Satish Sharma is a synonym of vastu shastra & acclaimed worldwide.
He is national vice president of Indian council of astrological sciences and publishing most reputed hindi astrology magazine Jyotish Manthan for the last two decades. As a chairperson of International Vastu Academy and chairman and managing director of Astroblessings International Pvt. Ltd., he is popularizing vastu shastra through its teachings in the form of regular and correspondence courses, print & internet magazine, news papers and other mass media.  He involves a necessary field training in his teaching methodology.
In this book he has challenged those western and left historians who made mockery of pauranik tales. He has established in this book that the source of mythological stories is wisdom of the ancient sages who ware great astronomers and they applied their scientific knowledge into framing of mythological tales. From the view point of obedience from the religious population, Pt. Satish Sharma has attempted to reach to that chronology of ancient times where sages and philosophers when master minding these equations.

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