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Vastu Vidya


A book disclosing ancient secrets of Vastu
This book not only explains about the deities placed in the Vastu chakra and fells about the mythology relating to these deities, but attains philosophical heights also.

This is seventh modified edition. Topics incorporated in the book are concept of Vastu purush, Vishwakarma group deities, equation of forces of nature with those of energy patterns of the land, 12 adityas, Nine serpents, asht vasu, sadhya gana (Dwadash aditya of a different  Manvontar,  Dev Daanav. Gandharv, Apsara & Yaksha and deities in various from along with their mythological back ground find sufficient space in this. Texts references are explained on the basis of their scientific background. Writes himself writes this book, as if he belongs to a vedic dias.

From chapter 1 to 29 is introductory to basic vastu rules, explanatory to secrets along with commentary there upon. From chapter 30 to 36 explains about the Karmkand, chapter 37 to 39 details about form of energy, chapter 40 to 47 contains information of general interest, chapter 48 to 65 are related to solutions arising out of vastu violations. Chapter 66 to 73 establishes deep correlation between astrology and Vastu Shastra.

Quite a good number of subjects have been incorporated in this book, which 70 other book has in the present and the past. Placement of dwadash aditya’s and ascertaining their vastu pad (Vastu grid) is a unique feature of this book. Mythological stories detailed in this book help understand the results accruing out of good or bad Vastu of the properly. These never had been taken in any other book.

Presentation of the subject matter is outstanding. The author belongs to Pink City JAIPUR, which is deemed to be Apra Kashi. He had a rare opportunity at his reedit solving vastu problems relating to places and forts of Rajasthan. These experiments reflect in his writings. Since, he has a very good grip on astrology and vastu simultaneously, he correlates these two every where it is possible. He is a great advocate of execution of orthodox vastu rules in the light of scientific background in the modern context.

The book is well decorated. Write has attempted to make unnecessary details. Perhaps, price handicap is the reason.  

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