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Vastu Visharad Regular Course By International Vastu Academy

Vastu Visharad Regular Course By International  Vastu Academy
This is a one year course being conducted mainly in Jaipur at International Vastu Academy (IVA) Head Quarter’s.
Student will find a unique learning of ASTRO, VASTU, FENGSHUI and a little Architecture relevant to Vastu in this Course. Fate of the students is sculptured by International teachers and consultants who share their experience in classroom. A workshop system has been invented in matters related to vedic subjects like astro, vastu, architecture plots, land, work ship, deities, occult, mystic, predictions, calculations, luck, fate, major and minor period of planets, stars, astronomy, space karma, fortunetelling, psychic predictions, future predictions, rainfall, earth quake, economy, finance & natural calamities.
Vastu study on homes, houses, shops, malls, commercial sites, temples, palace, fort, business, historical building, town planning and development strategy, making money, wealth, health & peace of mind is the major focus.
In classroom teaching vastu prediction from astrology is a special feature famous quotes are taught there.
A special session deals with vastu application in land purchase, land development, land investment, land laws, land use, land loan, land developers, land investments, large buildings, large, structures, real estate, home care and dealing with architects, broker, real estate agents, selling, investing and those who want development, wealth planning, wealth management, land management and turning debt in to wealth.
This training makes one competent to works as a successful professional or consultant who earns fabulous income.
Duration -12 months
Medium -English & Hindi
Study material - Provided by the Academy
Examination Scheme - Examinations are held twice.
Course Fees - INR 1.50 lacs inclusive of all taxes

1) Rs. 50,000/- 1st installment
2) Rs. 50,000 (6months)
3) Rs. 50,000 (9months)
For foreign candidates: 2700 USD

Course Curriculum


Description of planets, zodiac signs, position of planets in different houses. Planets

  • Description of planets & lords of planets.
  • Natural significations of planets.
  • Exalted, debilitated and mool trikona signs of planets.
  • Retrogression & combustion.
  • Description of nakshatras.
  • State of planets (Mudit, Vriddha etc.)
  • Mutual relationship of planets.
Zodiac Signs
  • Description of 12 zodiac signs (elements, symbol etc.)
  • Lord of zodiac signs and their characters.
  • Zodiac signs as ascendant and Moon sign.
  • Impact of ascendant and Moon sign on a person.

Understanding a horoscope
  • Description of 12 houses of a horoscope.
  • Apoklim, Trishadaya, Kendra, Trikona, Panphar.
  • Factors associated with each house of horoscope.
  • Yogkarak planets, Ayogkarak.
  • Lordship of planets.
  • Acquired and Natural significance of planets.
  • Aspects of planets.
  • Yogas.
  • Kendradhipatya Dosh.
  • Dasha.
  • Shadbala.
  • Inner and outer planets.
  • Sayan and Niryan (Sidereal & Tropical Zodiac signs)
  • Standard time, local time, sidereal time, Greenwich time, basic definition.
  • Precession of equinox.
  • Moon’s Nodes.
  • Combustion & retrogression of planets.
  • Eclipse.
  • Astronomical Terms.
Transit and Muhurta
  • Muhurta
  • Importance of Muhurtas and casting of important muhurtas.
  • Result of transit on individual and in general.
Predictive Astrology
  • Results of planets in various zodiac signs.
  • Results of special status of planets (Exalted, debilitated, combust, retrograde).
  • Understanding the results of aspects.
  • Divisional charts.
  • Co-relating the natal chart with transit.
  • Application of dasha for interpreting important incidents of life.
  • Remedies, Gem therapy.
  • Ashtakvarga
  • Matchmaking


Corporate Consultancy
Jyotish Manthan
International Vastu Academy
Jyotish Praveen