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Astrology Gives Broad Hints of Timing of Marriage

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Astrology Gives Broad Hints of Timing of Marriage

Marriage in our society is a social-religious activity. It is a mutual agreement between two dissimilar parties i.e. male and female for a meaningful co-existence and to participate in natural process of procreation for the continuation of human race. In Indian society wedlock means a permanent relation between two partners to discharge social-religious obligations in respect of four pillars of life. These four pillars are Dharma (right conduct), Artha, (finance), Kama, (Sex), and Moksha, (salvation). These four pillars are represented by the twelve houses in a horoscope viz:
a) Dharma = 1,5,9
b) Artha  =  2,6,10
c) Kama  =  3,7,11
d) Moksha  =  4,8,12
Hindu society considers the marriage from various angles from astrological point of view. For the purpose of general understanding these traits can be broadly explained as physical well being ; mental balance, genetical compatibility, sexual adjustments and socio—economic status. This is the precise reason that the marriage system in India is by and large stable when compared to some of the western countries.
The following are the astrological considerations while matching the horoscopes.
a) The longevity of the partners (male & female)
b) The strength of seventh and eight houses
c) Matching of kutas between the two partners.
One should consider astrologically in the first instance, the longevity of the couple. If there is no longevity the foundation is itself is weak. Once the issue of longevity is solved, then the prosperity of relationship of the bride and bridegroom should be considered from the strength of seventh and eighth houses, If there are any malefic influences one should analyses the horoscopes for antidotes i.e. cancellations of these malefic influences. Later the units of agreement (kutas) should be considered between the horoscopes for matching purpose.


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