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Planets bestow blessings due to these charities

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Planets bestow blessings due to these charities

Charities to the needy, Fasting or observing Vratas: - It will be difficult to everyone to follow / to recite mantras in a systematic manner. Fasting and charities are recommended for those who cannot follow strict discipline of chanting mantras. The following are the days ruled by seven planets. One can take fast and give charities to the needy to avoid evil effects, of weak planets and to enhance positive results of auspicious planets.

i) Sun: For getting protection from malefic effects of Sun and to increase benefic effects; fasting on Sundays are recommended at the time operating Dasa and Antardasa periods. Weak Sun in a horoscope can be strengthened in this method. Fasting should start on Shukla Paksa (bright-half) Sunday. A minimum of six week (6) period is recommended. One can observe for the life time in case of weak Sun in the horoscope. On the fasting day one should not eat regular meals. Chapati made up of wheat with Jaggery (gur)! Haiwa without salt can be taken in the evening before sun set after doing Pooja to Sun God.
In the morning Sun God should be worshipped with red sandal paste amongst other Pooja materials by chanting Sun Gods Navagraha stotra at least 108 times. On the last day of the last week of the fasting, Sun God should be worshiped and after Aarati; food should be given to the brahmins.
Gold, ruby, copper, wheat, jaggery, Halwa can be given to the needy at the noon of Sunday, depending upon ones capability.

ii) Moon: The fasting worship of Moon God should start from first Monday of Shukla Paksha. Minimums of 10 weeks are recommended. For weak Moon in the chart one can perform this for entire life. Moon-God should be worshiped by white sandal paste, white cloths, white flowers amongst others. Navagraha stotra of Moon God should be recited at least 108 times. One should take food without salt, curd rice, ghee and jaggery should be taken after sunset. Pooja for Moon God should be performed on Monday in the last week. Food to be distributed to the poor after the worship.
Charity of Pearls, shells, silver, milk, rice, curd or buttermilk should be given to the poor women on Monday evening.

iii) Mars: Mars is a Red planet. Fasting worship should start on first Shukla-Paksha Tuesday. Minimum numbers of weeks recommended are seven (7). One can do this for the entire life to strengthen the weak Mars in a chart. Mars should be worshiped in the morning by reciting Navagraha mantra of Mars at least 108 times. After the sunset one can take halwa, jaggery. On the last Tuesday of the week, Mars should be worshiped with red coloured clothes, copper, masoor, coconut and red coloured flowers amongst others.
Red coral, red cloths, copper, bread, masoor dal, and sweets should be given in charity to the needy bachelors on Tuesdays.



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