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Whether it may be residential or an industrial plot the position of the main gate plays a vital role in deciding the financial position or status of the house or industry. Whole of the construction be well planned and in accordance with the principles of the Vastu but if the door planning is against the principles of the Vastu then the success becomes astonishingly low. The correct door is a passport or visa without which the entrance in the success can not be imagined. It has been observed that the Indian masons are familiar with some of the Vastu principles but they fall in the planning of the doors.
The survey of the houses of Jaipur reveals that with in the city walls the main gate of houses are approximately in the middle instead of in the comers. It was as a result of an attempt to catch the middle position, which is nearest to the auspicious gates of the deities named Mukhya and Bhallat. The houses which were either facing the North or West and the door was in the middle the success was under their feet. The houses, which were constructed facing the East or the middle of the East, their inhabitants were able to get the opportunity to come near the ruling community. By keeping a door in the South though they got success in the profession but if any mistake was committed while deciding the direction then the doors in the South could also give fatal results.
In this way the direction of the doors opening in the open space was cleverly. Brihatsamhita explains that there are 45 deities placed on the Vastu Purusha. Out of which 32 are on the outer borders of the residential or industrial or professional plots. Rests which 13 are reside inside the plot. The placed on the borders of the land starting from the North-East corner towards the East direction are Shikhi, Parjanya, Jayant, Indra, Sun, Truth, Bhrish, Sky and Anil. Starting from South-East direction on the southern arm the next nine are Fire, Pusha, Vitath, Grihatkshat, Yam, Gandharv, Bhringraj, Mrig, Pitri, Starting from the South-West direction on the Western direction of the land are Dauvarik, Sugriv, Pushpdant, Varun, Asur, Shosh, Rog, Pap Yakshma, Starting from the North-West direction Vasuki, Mukhya, Bhallat, Som, Bhujang, Aditi, Diti are the remaining gods.

| Pap Yakshama | Vasuki | Mukhya | Bhallat | Som | Bhujang | Aditi | Diti | Shikhi |

If any land is divided in 81 parts the border of all the four directions will show 9 units or doors. In this scheme the doors on four directions will give results as shown in the chart.


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