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Know the KINDS OF MANTRAS in 5 slides

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Know the KINDS OF MANTRAS in 5 slides

Mantras belong to different categories,among them the most important are the following : -

1. Vedokta Mantras
2. Pauranik mantras
3. Aagama mantras
4. Savar mantras
5. Living personified mantras orDivya Vigrah mantras.

1.Vedokta Mantras: The mantras that we come across in the Vedas have been seen or experienced by the Vedic Seers. Vedic mantras contain eternal truths and these truths have existed from eternal time. Therefore, they can only be seen or experienced by Sages who undertake tapasya or penance and make themselves fit instruments for the perception of truth. Thus, they are not composers of mantras but are called Drashtas. These mantras have been passed on from generation to generation through a system or oral tradition. These Vedokta mantras, belong also to what are called shrutis or what have been heard by the Sages. They contain all the principles and truths that are necessary for the maintenance of this universe and the progress of humanity.



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