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Our Vedic rishis identified Raahu long before even the birth of other world civilizations. (or even when other civilizations were still learning to live). Society and nations were not formed and nor the social and family rules according to them were there. Raahu is not a physical planet. Because of it forecasting about it , about its speed, and the calculation if its transit in raashis was very deep tedious task. There were no telescopes at that time and nor any other medium to search Raahu in universe. Later they were termed as shadow planets.

The most important fact about Raahu is that even being an Asura he is called a Devta. He got the right in Yagya Share. He sits in Brahma’s assembly( council, assemblage, chambers). His reign is just like Devtas even he is arch nemesis of Devtas.

Raahu is a round planet. Earth’s own shadow is also round. As Raahu is defined, according to it his chariot is same as dark. It is driven by eight black horses. The horses face is ghastly. He has a sword, shield and a Trishula. He is in Varad Mudra and is sitting on a blue throne. He is the son of Singhika who was the daughter of hiranyakashyap. That is why he is also known as Singhikaye. According to mythological stories there were hundred more brothers of Raahu but being most powerful of all he challenged Devtas and become a planet. After the Samudramanthan he disguisedly sat between Devtas but could not deceive Lord Surya.



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