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Role of Insects in Omen

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Role of Insects in Omen

Ant - To be bitten by an ant foreshadows enmity and quarrelling. If ants make their nest near your threshold, prosperity is indicated.

Bee – If a bee flies into the house, it is thought to bring luck to the inmates if it is kept prisoner for a short time. In some districts, fishermen believe that the sight of a bee will bring them a good catch if it is flying in the same direction as their boat is moving. To kill a bee presages bad luck. It is a strange thing, however, that to see a flight of bees was considered by the Romans to be a very ill omen. The calamitous defeat of the army of Pompey by Caesar at Pharsalus in 48 B.C. was foretold by a swarm of bees which settled upon the sacred altar.

Beetle – Ever since the days when the scarab was paid divine honours by the ancient Egyptians, This and other beetles have had a fortunate significance. If a beetle runs across your path when you are on a country walk, regard it as a very lucky omen. The bigger the beetle, the greater the good fortune that it brings. It must be understood, however, that we are not referring here to the common black-beetle, or cockroach, which has very different significance.

Cockroach – These disgusting insects are everywhere regarded with repulsion; and not without cause, for if a cockroach appears in a place where it is not generally seen, it is held to presage death.

Cricket – From time immemorial, and in all parts of the world, these happy little creatures have been regarded as lucky. They betoken peace, prosperity and domestic felicity. If crickets mysteriously abandon a house which they have inhabited for a long time, illness or death is to be feared.

Grasshopper – These cheerful insects favour travelling and foretell good news.

Ladybird – This pretty little beetle is everywhere viewed with favour as a harbinger of good fortune. A Ladybird bearing seven sports on its back is considered particularly lucky.

Spider – To see a spider in the evening portends money losses; to see one in the morning is an omen of grief; while at noon it presages trouble and anxiety. To discover a spider upon one’s clothes are person is an omen of prosperity. To come upon one that it spinning its web means that a plot is being hatched against you. To kill a spider, particularly at night, is very unfortunate.


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