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Result of Space between fingers

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Result of Space between fingers

Space at the base of the fingers – when the hand is opened, the quantum of space between the thumb and the fingers has its own significance. When the space is large –
  1. Between the thumb and the Jupiter finger, the subject is generous and large-hearted.
  2. Between the Jupiter finger and Saturn finger, the subject has independence in thinking.
  3. Between the Saturn finger and the Sun finger, the subject is of a happy-go lucky disposition.
  4. Between the Sun finger and the Mercury finger, the subject is independent in action.
If all the fingers fall apart easily—unconventional. Not tied to rules of etiquette Easy to approach. If the fingers keep close together most of the time, it indicates stiffness in dealing with others. Lacks independence in thought or action Stingy and self-centered.

The bent and flexibility of the fingers reveal the traits of the subject. The bent is the natural position of the fingers while the flexibility is judged by touch.

Forward bent of the fingers— avarice, excess of prudence. Backward bent of the fingers—jovial disposition, talkative. Fingers can be either stiff of flexible stiff fingers indicate a practical nature, less adaptability. Flexible fingers indicate a nature that is easily adaptable to all conditions.

The straightness of the fingers is also of importance. The fingers should be straight. They should be flat or square, rather than broad on the inside and round like candles. Persons with candle-like round fingers suffer from self deception and disorderliness of the mind and nature. Straight fingers indicate prosperity. Thick and round fingers indicate poverty. Crooked fingers and fingers spread wide apart indicate poverty. Dry fingers also indicate poverty. The fingers of a woman, if crooked, are considered a sign of childless and widowhood.

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