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Here is the perfect place of drawing room according to vastu.

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Here is the perfect place of drawing room according to vastu.

Vastu science science does not talk of drawing room in details. Some of the unskilled Vastu lits vayavya acute for drawing room, which is not according to ancient Vastu texts. According  to Varahmihir, Vayavya is proposed for grainery. It gives the enhancement which increases the consumption of grain. Vedic rishis believed that more consumption of grain means more guests and such a house will prosper very soon. In the modern era guests are not welcomed. Moreover, if drawing room falls in the proposed place of then it leaves no place to express one’s frustration. Ancient texts say that this place helps remove one’s frustration through shedding of tears.

We find that these days the psychology and neurology departments are full and they are addict of the medicines to relase frustration. Hence, if the drawing room is in Vayavya acute we would be deprived of the place provided for the eradication of diseases. According to Indian culture we should not construct drawing room Vayavya which compels him to leave early.

Drawing room is proposed in Ishaan. According to ‘Brahatsanhit’ Ishaan acute is for medicine, God (-). If a guest stays here spiritual feelings would be dominant and he will think good for the host. At the same time host will also consider his guest to be the god. Hence, this is the perfect place for a drawing room.

The kings and rulers constructed Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khaas. Diwan-e-aam was for ordinary people where as Diwan-e-khaas was meant for most important persons. In modern architecture we have an ordinary dine and a fine dine. Fine dine is for the welcome of special guests but it cannot take place of a drawing room. Modern architects suggest arrangement of two drawing rooms. For ordinary guests it should be in Ishaan. For near and dear guests it should be in Nairatya which according to Varahmihir, is for weaponary. Moreover, when the guests are not there it can be used as a living room. This has two benefits- if younger children of the family spend even two hours there, it will enhance their personality traits. Another one is that it will develop love, affection and co-ordination among the family members. The concept of two drawing rooms is possible only in the plot of 300 sq.m. and above.

These a days architects plan an open lounge in the centre of the plot for both dining table and sofa and divided them with the help of curtains. This ends the privacy of the house. Kitchen should be at an easy distance from the drawing room. Hence kitchen should be in agni corner, dining table in cardinal east and drawing room in Ishaan corner. This will follow the rules of vedic texts and brings happiness to the family.

If the plot is very big in which much land remains even after the main construction, the drawing should be shifted to the west. In such plots south and southwest improve after construction but west remains in constructed, A great benefit of a drawing room in west is that the person sitting here cannot hide his feelings and express them.

Drawing room should not be very big in proportion to the plot. A big drawing room develops inferiority complex in the members of the family. Same is the case with a small drawing room.


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