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The Main forms of God and the Divine abodes

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The Main forms of God and the Divine abodes

All the personal forms of God, along with the impersonal aspect, are equally omnipresent in the universe. All the forms of God are eternal and absolute. Their abodes are also eternal and absolute. The Divine name of God. His from, and his abode are one and the same.

All forms of God have a particular style, taste and sweetness of unlimited blissful experience so they have their own single God, because “the absolute” cannot be divided. This is called the simultaneous mono-dualistic existence of the divine (God), How does it exist, is beyond the intellectual comprehension of the material mind. But a soul desiring God’s vision can faithfully adore any form of God.

The omnipresent Divine abodes form Vaikunth of Divine Vrindaban, exist in their own Divine dimension. The sequence of abodes (as illustrated) relates to their exceeding superiority of Divine blissfulness where vrindaban abode reveals the highest blissful experience of the Divine realm.

- Swami Prakashanand Saraswati


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