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Important Principles of Transit

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Important  Principles of Transit

Ascendant  is the sign raising in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a native. All the twelve signs starting from Aries to Pisces, takes approximately two hours to cross the eastern horizon in a day. As a result we have twelve ascendant in a day.

With reference to any point of incidence or birth. With reference to ascendant , the planets are posted in different houses and a chart is prepared which is known as birth chart of horoscope. The sign occupied by Moon with reference to ascendant is known as Moonsign and star occupied by Moon is called Birth star. The influences caused by the movement of planets on a continuous basis in a horoscope with reference to Moonsign on all the twelve houses are known as transit results of Transit results.

These results are correlated with reference to 12 houses for predicting the life events of native/ chart. In vedic astrology moon represents mind. All the activities of a native germinate in the mind and moon symbolizes the mind and hence vedic astrologers considers transit results with reference to moon sign (Moonsign). For assessing the final results of a horoscope the following conventional method will be a better tool.

(i)    If both the dasha and transit results indicate auspiciousness, then the net outcome will be good.
(ii)    Out of the two, one is good and other is bad one can expect mixed results.
(iii)    If both the above are not good we can predict bad results.
The above results are changed or modified with the following states of planets in a horoscope. All these are self-contained topics and readers are requested to refer the classical books on astrology.
  1. Monthly mirnaya concept.
  2. Veda and vipareta veda concept.
  3. Stellar occupational results.
  4. Naksatra angaphala etc.
After analyzing all the factors mentioned above one can finally come to a predictive conclusion of a horoscope.

- M. Anjaneyulu


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