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Nails represent your personality

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Nails represent your personality

The nails constitute an important feature of the hand and reveal a lot about the characteristics of the subject. They give an indication of the present state of health of the person and what is likely to happen to his health in times to come. The shape of the nails shows the quantum of anger in the person. The colour and texture of the nails help in judging health. The nails can be of various sizes.

Large Nails: - The possessors of Large nails are of quiet temper and do not suffer much from anger. They require much provocation to become angry. If they are greatly annoyed, they express their feelings through sarcasm rather than rage.

Long Nails: - Long-nailed persons are gentle and do not lose their temper. They give vent ot their feelings of annoyance through tears and not rage. They are placid and cool. They are impressionable and take things easily. They are, from the health point of view, liable to trouble of the lungs, chest, throat and heart.

Short Wide Nails: - Such nails show a hot temper, quickly aroused. Persons with nails of this type are of violent temper. If the nails are much wider than they are long, and also small, the temper is intense.

Short Nails: - These persons are impulsive and dynamic. They are governed by their passions rather than by reason. They are analytical and quick to make their point. They are prone to suffer from heart ailments.

Very Short Nails: - The possessors spend their time grumbling. They are of a contrary vies point. They thus fail to accomplish much in life.

Narrow Nails: - The possessors are of sweet and even temper. They tackle matters with tact and diplomacy, rather than by confrontation.

Round Nails: - These persons are possessed of a good sense of humour and show real friendliness. They are found of details. They are generally of even temper and have an orderly nature.

Broad Nail: - This shows a good mentality and the quality of self, generally found in the hands of physicians, military men, scientists and professions warranting mental and physical fitness.

Square Nail: - These are generally possessed by males. Persons who have to use their intellect and power of judgment have square nails. Businessmen, politicians, judges and advocates have square nails.

Pear of Fan Shaped Nail: - Such nails are pointed at the base and wide at the top. The possessors are of fault-finding nature and confess their own shortcomings also.

Fluted Nail: - Such nails are indicative of a very delicate system and setting in of nervous disorder.

High Roof and Watch Glass Nail: - These nails are generally found in the hands of persons suffering from tuberculosis, lung tumor, chronic heart disease and cirrhosis of liver. The nails are lustrous and curved in the shape of a watch glass. High-roof nailed persons are generally friendly and cheerful.

Spoon Nail or Imbedded Nail: - Unlike the watch glass nails, they are curved inwards and are found in the case of nutritional deficiencies, syphilis, skin disorder and mental deficiencies.

Bitten Nail: - The habit of biting nails shows a nervous temperament and is a sign of weakness of the internal organs and irritability.

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