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Wonderful hints explores future on your palm.

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Wonderful hints explores future on your palm.

To estimate accurately and unfailingly timing of events on the hand is a most difficult task. However, through practice and experience. in most cases the timings worked out come true. There are various methods (some of them have become outdated or have not been found to give correct information) for calculating timings of events and the estimated span of life, and each palmist, on the basis of the own experience, adopts a particular method. Intuition plays a big role, and if the palmist is gifted with intuitive power. his calculations will rarely prove incorrect.

The timings can be worked out on the life line, head line, heart line, fate line and the Sun line. We shall describe the various methods for working out the timings on the life line. The life line starts at a place below the Mount of Jupiter or nearby and runs down the wrist. The working of the timing on the life line starts from the very edge of the hand, where the line starts. According to Noel Jaquin, Space equal to quarter of an inch would roughly be five years of life.

Cheiro, has used the system of seven. The whole line of life is divided into compartments of seven years each. If we draw a line downward from the place between the Mount of Jupiter and Mount of Saturn, where the line cuts/meets the life line indicates the 21st year of life. The area covered from the start of the life line to the meeting point of the above perpendicular line can be divided into three equal portions of seven years each. The life line, beyond the point of the 21st year, can be divided into various portions of seven years each, and thus the total span of life can be estimated and also the timings of the events, based on the various indications available.

On the basis of my personal experience. I have found this system working quite well. Whenever there happens to be a defect by way of cross bars, break, star, cross, descending line, the approximate period when the bad effects of the above are likely to take place can be worked out. Similarly, when the ascending line (s) on the life line appears. Certain good happenings such as promotion, elevation in status, acquisition of assets, birth of a child, marriage, etc. can be worked out. While making an assessment as to what this good event will be, the age of the subject and the intuitive power of the palmist will play their role.

The system of seven for calculating the approximate age of the subject on the life line is the easiest method and has been giving good results, though no system can give prefect results. In books on palmistry, various methods have been given. In one of them, the middle of the life line is 35th year, taking the whole life line from beginning to end, near the wrist as 70 years. In between the life line has been from marked at 18, 28. 35. 44. 52. 62 and 70, and no reasons given why these have been marked so. The given space covered on the life line from 18 to 28, 28 to 35, 35 to 44, 44 to 52 years, more or less is the same, but there is a difference covered by the gap, say 10 years from 18 to 28, seven years from 28 to 35 years, nine years from 35 to 44 years, eight years from 44 to 52 years.

- N. P. Thareja, 23-04-2016


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