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These are movable and fixed zodiacs.

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These are movable and fixed zodiacs.

Zodiac is an imaginary belt of about 9 Degree North of South of the ecliptic within which the Moon and all the planets (except Pluto) remain in the course of their movement.

The fixed zodiac is one in which the first point of Aries is always fixed in the nakshatras i.e. always at an angle of 180 Degree to chitra star. The longitudes measured with reference to this fixed first point of Aries which has permanent position on the ecliptic fixed among the stars are called Nirayana Longitudes. They are divided into twelve rashis such as Aries, Taurus etc. This fixed zodiac is also divided into 27 nakshatras. Thus the Nirayana rashis always contain the same star groups/constellations.

The other zodiac is called movable zodiac/tropical zodiac. In this the first point of Aries is the vernal equinox i.e. the point where the ecliptic intersects the celestial Equator and it precedes by about 50”.3 each year as already explained earlier in this chapter. Due to attraction of the Sun and the Moon on the protuberant portions of the Earth on the Equator, the first point of Aries moves slowly in the direction opposite to that of the yearly motion of the Sun. the longitudes measured in this system are called tropical or Sayana Longitudes. The twelve signs in this system are of 30 Degree each starting from spring equinox and these signs do not always cover the same span of 30 Degree over the ecliptic as in Nirayana system. Under this system, the star composition of zodiac signs goes on changing with the passage of time.

The angular distance between the first point of fixed Aries and the movable Aries i.e. vernal equinox is called Ayanamsa. In other words, it is the angular distance by which the vernal equinox has moved backwards from the time the two zodiac systems coincided.

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