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Professions, Aptitude and Activities

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Professions, Aptitude and Activities

There are a number of signs on the hand and palm for ascertaining which walk of life will be best suited to the subject. But it cannot be made out exactly which profession or occupation the subject should adopt. These indications can only help one choose one’s livelihood.
First of all we have to decide whether a person is better suited to business or to service. For business, the major indications on the hand and palm are given below.
  1. The middle portion of the hand is most developed (the space from the base of the fingers to the top of the mount of Moon and the top of the mount of Venus.) This area of the palm pertains to the material aspects and the world of business. If this is developed, the subject naturally will do well in business. The area from the base of the fingers to the top of the fingers represents mind while the area from the top of the mount of Moon and the top of the mount of Venus downward to the bracelets pertains to sensual pleasures.
  2. The first phalange of the thumb is strong.
  3. The fingers are longer than the palm.
  4. The second phalanges of the fingers are thick and long, because these features create an urge for money-making.
  5. The mercury finger is long but not unduly so.
  6. Mount of Mercury 0 the mount of business and commercial activity is prominent.
  7. Mount of Sun is developed.
  8. Line of head is good, clear and deep.
  9. There is a line of business on the palm (this line is called line of health or line of liver).
  10. The fate line is clear, deep and without any defect.
For achieving success the following indications on the palm are needed.
  1. The mount of Mercury is good on both palms.
  2. The mount of Jupiter (mount of ambition) and the mount of Mercury (mount of business, shrewdness) are well-formed.
  3. The line of head is forked and the upper branch goes upward towards the Mount of Mercury.
  4. There is a line rising from the bracelet towards the mount of Mercury.
  5. A branch rising from the fate line goes towards the mount of Mercury.

N.P. Thareja, 30-05-2016


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