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Muhurta for entering the New House

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Muhurta for entering the New House

    The house construction should be started in moveable ascendant preferably or in dual ascendant so as to cause speedy completion of the construction.  The entrance should be done in fixed ascendant so as to bring stability in the house.  These two factors though seem simple but should not be ignored.  If the Muhurta for construction is impure, it causes obstructions in the construction process.

    The auspicious months for entering the new house are Margshirsh (Mid November to Mid December) and Kartik (Mid October to Mid November), Phalguna (Mid Feb to Mid March), Vaishakh (Mid April to Mid May) and Jyeshtha (Mid May to Mid June).

The following yogas are favourable for entering a house:-
Planets not combust - Jupiter and Venus.
Moon’s constellation  - Dhanishtha, Pushya, Shatabhisha, Swati, Ashwin, Anuradha, Hasta.
Days        - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Lunar days prohibited - Fourth, Ninth, Fourteenth and the New Moon’s day (it could be in the day or in the night).

Results of entering house in lunar months:
Lunar months from Results.
1. Magh (Mid January) Prosperity.
2. Phalguna (Mid February)Gain of male child and wealth.
3. Chaitra (Mid March) Loss of wealth.
4. Vaishakh (Mid April) Gain of grains and wealth.
5. Jyeshtha (Mid May) Gains of wealth and male child.
6. Ashadh (Mid June) Losses and fear of enemies.
7. Shravana (Mid July) same
8. Bhadrapad (Mid August.)same
9. Ashwini (Mid September) same
10. Paush (Mid October). same

  1. Lunar bright half is better and  the  dark half till the 10th lunar day will also work.
  2. Transit of the Sun in the Northern Course (from Mid January  to Mid June) is auspicious for entering the house.
  3. The best months to enter a renovated house are Maargshirsh (Mid November-Mid December), Kartik (Mid Oct. and Mid Nov.), Sharavana (Mid July to Mid August).
  4. The most auspicious Moon’s constellation to enter a house are Shatabhisha, Pushya, Swati and Dhanishtha.

  1. Combustion of Jupiter and Venus is not considered for renovation or entering an old house.
  2. It is prohibited to enter a house having no doors or which has no shade or where the worship of Vastu deities has not been performed, It brings calamities.

Pt. Satish Sharma  04-06-2016
Chief Editor, Jyotish Manthan


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