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Rituls in Vastu When?

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Rituls in Vastu When?

Survey of Plot : Primarily  it is done to know, how beneficial the land is going to be for us. VB = Full, medium, or least ? According to shostras on this occasion rituals associated with the worship of lord Genesha, Goddess Gauri and Kshetrapal have to be conducted.

Laying of Foundation Stone :
This comes after survey of the plot. In this ritual foundation should be laid firstly in Agni angle, then Nairitya, Vyavya and finally in Ishan angle on this occasion Goddess Gaurio. Lord Ganesha planets, Matrika, Naandi shradh, Bhumi Pujan, Kurm Pujan, Vishwakarma Pujan and Havan should to conducted.

Laying Foundation of the there-hold: By this time the walls of the plot have become higher then its base then the foundation of the threshold is laid. At this time the Pujan of Shree Gauri, Ganesha, Vaastu, Kshatrapal and Vishwakarma is prescribed. Jaggery is also distributed on this occasion.

Establishment of Door : Mathoth is laid at a height of 6-6 ¼ feet from the threshold. At this point mustard seeds and salt are put in a red piece of cloth, tied with a yellow thread in messed in a turmeric solution and the same is hung on the mathoth. Here again jaggery is distributed to all present. The pujan of Gauri, Ganesh Vaastu, Kshetrapal and Vishwakarma is prescribed on this occasion also.

At the Time of Construction : By the time the height of the ceiling reaches 9 ¼ feet we can safely asses that now this construction is fit for residential purposes. Hence, on this occasion we distribute laddoor to all and sundry. So that people living in that house can live peacefully and prosperously on this occasion also the Pujan of Gauri, Ganesha, Vishwakaram Kshetrepal and Vaastu is prescribed.

Grah Pravesh : This is a stage when the house built on the plot is fit for living i.e. fixtures like doors, windows, floors taps, electricity and all such facilities are complete Grah pravesh is conducted after an auspicious date, day, time and Nakshatras has been decided. On this occasion Pujan of Gauri, Ganesha, Vaastu, Kishetrapal and VIshwakarma is prescribed in the shastras.

- Jyotish Manthan, 16-08-2016


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