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CANCER, one of the most dreaded disease, may continue to elude modern medicine, despite better imaging, scanning, developed pathological tests, and Chemotherapy and Chemo-surgery.

But What is CANCER?

CANCER is a general name applied to all malignant tumors. In the body, millions of new cells are formed or replaced in inhaling and exhaling process and process carried out by the spleen and cleaned by lymph nodes / glands. Due to careless approach towards lie, we allow toxins to grow and gather slowly and steadily in the weakest or / most damaged part of the part of any organ. When these toxins after gathering in large numbers together form ducts and clogged secretions are prevented in the duct and thus prevented from normal movement.
Cancerous growths are of two types – being and malignant.

After exhaustive analysis of a variety of human cancers in a study sponsored by U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Scientist Dr. Goffman and Jason L. Minkler are of the opinion that the showed the ``amount of the chromosome called E-16 was the normal cells-sometimes by as much as 400 per cent’’ and ``although chromosomes are the mechanism of inheritance, it is possible cancer itself produced the excess of the E-16 Chromosome.’’
Cancer in medical terms is a disease in which cells grow without control and this cell growth can destroy healthy tissue and endanger life. Cancer is peculiarly abnormal growth in the sense that the tissue under growth is not part and parcel of the organ, where, its growth takes place. It happens to be cell tissue of foreign origin. For example, if the brain cell/tissue grows in uterus, it would be cancerous. If it were just an abnormal growth of a tissue, it would be a tumor, which would be benign and not malignant. One must keep this distinction between benign and malignant cancerous growths.

Ancients have called cancer by different name as Vrana, Arbuda, Mamsarbud and Raktarbud. The word Vrana in Sanskrit means a wound, sore, bruise, hurt a boil, an ulcer, while Arbuda means a swelling, tumor (of various kinds), a serpent, along round mass, lump of flesh, a serpent like demon killed by Indra.

Ayurveda considers it arising on account of Pittadosha. Some Astrologers hold Mars to be mainly responsible for its eruption. Pittadosha is caused by excessive fire element as such it should be the result of fiery planets Sun and Mars and the signs Aries, Leo and Scorpio they rule. Since Ketu acts like Mars, Ketu’s role should also not be belittled. Movement of the Sun in Sthir Rasis Taurus and Aquarius having extra doses of heat through Kruttika, Mrugshira and Dhanistha should also have a definite say in this matter.

Another basic Ayurvedic ailment causing rule of Tatwa Viparyaya should never be lost sight of.

- Justice S. N. Kapoor,
Ex. President
Indian Council of Astrological Sciences


Corporate Consultancy
Jyotish Manthan
International Vastu Academy
Jyotish Praveen