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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mount Venus.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mount Venus.

If the Mount Venus in the palm is raised (elevated), muscular, healthy and has redness then it is considered as developed which imbibes all its qualities in a person. On the contrary, an undeveloped mount is not visible in the hand and deprives one of all its related qualities and in the case of an ordinarily developed mount the situation hovering between the complete and the incomplete exists in its qualities, in other words the term ordinarily developed refers to ordinary qualities.

1.    Those people in whose hands Mount Venus is greatly (extraordinarily) developed, such people are sexcrazy and are always yearning for the opposites sex and feelings of lust and passion are necessarily included in the love relations.

2.    If the mount Venus is ordinarily raised (elevated) then that person has a special interest in music and alongwith the artistic tendency are fond of good food. It is their all out endeavor to ensure that no harm is caused to anyone because of their actions.

3.    If the Mount Venus has a substantial elevation and Mount Jupiter is also equally good then that person never changes his decision and always sticks to it accordingly, whenever such a person forms a relation with someone then he tries to maintain it throughout his entire life. Such a person is self respecting, having a good (moral) character and is intelligent.

4.    If the Mount Venus has a lesser elevation then such a person is always lost in thoughts arousing sexual urges and wastes his time in building (imaginary) castles in the air.

5.    If there is a void in the elevation of Mount Venus then infertility can be found in the person and that person is also harsh (strict) in his behavior. Sentiments have no effect on the person.

Effects : If the position of Mount Venus is not favourable then the person catches addiction to drugs immediately. There can be various ailments of (in) reproductive organs and the woman has problems in going birth to a child (delivering a child) a person himself creates ailments due to his own excesses ailments especially of the throat occur.

- Jyotish Manthan, 07/03/2017


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