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Mythological Story of Venus

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Mythological Story of Venus

Sage Ushana is the original name of Sukracharya. He is the preceptor of demons Sage Ushana undertook a penance of Lord Ship. He recited a Stotra ( Rhyme), when Lord Shiva appeared before him. This stotra is known as Ashta-Murtyashtak Stotra.

    This was very much appreciated by Lord Shiva. In turn, Lord Shiva granted a boon to Sukracharya in the art of Mrit-Sanjivani vidya, which makes dead alive. He also granted that Shukracharya (Venus) will be the foremost amongst planets, lustrous, pleasant and benefic. The nanda tithi (1, 6 & 11) and presence of Venus in the sky will be auspicious for all activities.

    In a course of battle between Devatas and Asuras, Shukracharya made all dead asuras alive; as a result devatas were defeated.  Devatas were defeated. Devtas went to Shiva to protect from demons. Lord Shiva swallowed Shukracharya and kept him in his obdomen for a longtime. However, Shukracharya pleaded Lord Shiva and got the blessings of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiova released Shukracharya in the form of Shukra (Semen) and the child was named as Shukracharya.

    Venus is the best benefic, signifies sophistication, dignified, luxurious, love, artistic, knowledgeable, wise, excellent in poetry and music.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 30/03/2017


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