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Pointers to Engineering Profession

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Pointers to Engineering Profession

One of the abiding curiousities that has intrigued man since Ume immemorial is why does a man does, what he does ? Why is a person inclined towards a particular occupation? Broadly, the reason can be, that each action of ours is controlled by planets. The planetary configuration in a horoscope propels us towards our inclinations and choices.

Professions are growing rapidly. We find new and varied ways of earning. It is difficult to understand these conplexites and this complex field of human endeavour, non the less essential.

Profession in chambers dictionary is “an employment requiring some degree of learning”. As such, learning becomes the key word for finding out Engineering profession. There are no definite clues given in our ancient exts. Attempt has only to be made to understand the sutras on their inherent characteristics. Dr. Rarnan says “when there is no planet in 10th house, take the 10th lord as primary determinant and the lord of Navamaha occupied by 10th lord as secondry determinant. When the 10th house is occupied by a planet, stronger between 10th lord and planet posited becomes the primary determinant and the lord of Navamasha occupied by primary determinant becomes secondry determinant”. Though which planet will give what is mentioned, yet which planet will grant Engineering profession, is not precisely mentioned.

As said earlier, the profession is linked with learning. Yet, after acquiring this knowledge by spending a number of years and efforts, a person may take up administrative job or become a sportsman, or an actor or a political leader which is quite contrary to his acquired knowledge, so linkages with 11th. or 2nd can only confirm or deny gains from Engineering profession but do not become the prime factor in evaluating Engineering profession. Influences on 4th house and 5th house and their lords become more significant.

The principles examined are as below:  
  1. Influence on 4th house and 5th house or their lords Ly Mars / Sat / Rahu.
  2. Relation with Mer of 10th house or 10th lord in Dl / DA / 010 Charts.
  3. Chitra, Punarvasu, Purva Phalguni, Hasta, Purva Asada are considered Engineering related Nakshtras, so whether of houses 1/5/6/7//9/10/11 or lords are having any connection with these.
  4. Connection with 5th Lord and 10th lord.
  5. Sun /Mer expected by Mars.
  6. Connection of Mars & Rahu.
  7. Mutuat aspect o Sat & Ven.
  8. Jupiter connection with lagna and Lagna Lord Jaimini does not give any indicators. However, based on general meaning of sutras, the following were examined.
  • Influence on 2nd house and 11th house in karakamsa.
  •  Influence of AMK on 10th house its lord in Karakamsa.
  • Saturn influence on 2nd from karakamsa or KK lagna in Rasi Chart or KK chart.

- S.C. Jain, 26/03/2017


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