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Result of moon in twelve signs.

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Result of moon in twelve signs.

Aries -
The native will have a beautiful body with good eyes. They are found of luxurious things. They are rich, irritable and acquire good position in society. They are popular and rigid. They are very quick; acquire high positions and restless mind. They have water phobia.

Taurus - The natives will be influential, happy with handsome personality. They are wavering, passionate and influenced by opposite sex. Moon exalts here. It makes one charitable, famous and indulges in sensuous pleasures.

Gemini -
The natives will be learned in religious scriptures, loves music. They are persuasive with long life.

Cancer - Moon owns this sign. It gives to the native charming personality, liked by opposite sex, sensitive, acquires immovable property and they are religious.

Leo - The natives will be courageous with well-formed body, frequent visitors of forests, anxious and royal in appearance.

Virgo - The natives will have beautiful eyes, attractive body and wealthy. They are honest, intelligent and skilled with beautiful speech.

Libra - They are tall with well-formed face, weak; business mind, acquires lot of wealth, claver and lover of fine arts. Attracted towards opposite sex.

Scorpio - Moon debilitates here. They live away from parents. They are malicious, unhappy and egoistic. They have beautiful eyes with wide chest.

Sagittarius - The natives will have good speech, helpful to others, happy marriage with many children and grand children. They are ceremonial and showy.

Capricorn - The natives will be virtuous, thin, quick, white complexion. They are good strategists. They have loose morals with unscrupulous mind.

Aquarius - The natives will be young in appearance with well-formed body and sensuous mood. Become heads of Institutes, diplomats, mystical nature.

Pisces – The natives are the dealers of luxurious articles such as Gems, Pearls and Stones. They have perfect body and obedient to opposite sex. They are learned, religious with spiritual qualities.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 05/04/2017


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