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Mythological story of Jupiter.

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Mythological story of Jupiter.

Maharishi Angira and his wife wanted a child who will be the repositor of knowledge they undertook a Vrata (Penance) advised by Sanat Kumars. She performed the pooja with complete devotion. Devatas were satisfied and granted a boon in the form of a child to Sage Angira`s wife. The child grew up and  become Brihaspati, the signification of wisdom. Jupiter is owner of a vehicle known Nitighosh.

On this yellow colour chariot, he travels the Zodiac. It means, in each sign he stays for one year. In twelve years he completes one cycle. Jupiter is the karaka for religion, wisdom, perception and knows the procedure for various religious practices. He has written a book named Brihiaspiti Samhita. It contains all procedures of religious ceremonies. Jupiter has given birth to a child known as Sage Baradwaj. Asura Guru Shukracharya was in the possession of Sanjeevani vidya i.e. art of giving life to the dead. Kach, the son of Jupiter tried to get this knowledge from Asuraguru Venus and he partly succeeded. Jupiter conducted a yagna to nullify the effect of Sanjeevani vidya.

As a result both Jupiter and Venus are inimical to each other. One is preacher of Devatas and the other is preacher of Rakshasas. Hence a constant fight between gods and demons. Both are preachers and the best benefices in astrology. Jupiter signifies yellow colour, fattish nature, wisdom, general happiness and religious knowledge that includes jyotish sastra and is the best benefic in the Zodiac. His aspect, presence in lagna reduces all dashas in a horoscope.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 14/04/2017


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