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Mythological story of Mercury.

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Mythological story of Mercury.

Devaguru Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the husband of Tara. She was beautiful, virtuous, pretty and charming. Moon, in a negative state of mind, eloped with her and took shelter with Asura Guru Venus. Bhirhaspati appealed to all Gods and requested to get back his wife from Moon. Due to the blessings of Asura Guru Venus, Gods could not rescue Tara. After some time in a good state of mind, Moon become balanced and returned Tara to Brihaspati. By that time Tara was carrying Moo`s child. After some time she gave birth to a beautiful child in Brihaspati`s house. Tara disclosed the lineage of the child, for which Jupiter forgave her and accepted the child and become his stepfather.

Mercury in astrology represents celestial prince and signifies intelligence. This is the combination of wisdom from Jupiter and mind from Moon. Mercury controls speech, in intelligence, humor, discrimination, logical speech and tark- vitark. He has the capacity to explain easily in an understandable manner. Mercury treats Moon as his enemy, neutral to Jupiter and friendly whose name is Pururava. He is the ancestral lineage of Suryavamsha to which Lord Rama belongs.

Mercury acts in the form of influencing planets and acquires their properties with his intelligence and gives the results.

- M. Anjaneyulu, 14/04/2017


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